29 July 2009

Why this is one of the most exciting times to be alive.

For years, I like many of my friends and acquaintances have wrung my hands in despair about the awful state of society and the environment. To the point where I wondered if it was worth bringing children into such a world!

Then, as if by magic I lost my trepidation and fear when I realized that, in fact, this is probably the most exciting time to be alive in recent memory. We all know that the world's human population stands on a precipice, at a crossroads, or whatever cliche suits you. Yes, it is going to be a difficult time and some or all of us may not survive, but I know that things have to change and change in a BIG way. I know that the world of 2050 will be completely different than today. I realize that all people living today will not only experience this change but can be part of it!

So I know now that the changes will be dramatic, I am sure that they will be painful (in fact ,in many areas of the world they already are) but I also know that there will be a paradigm shift and at the other end of this tunnel is a different society and environment.

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