02 October 2009

AEP's Mike Morris Tells the Truth

In Sunday's Roanoke Times Mike Morris AEP's head wrote a Letter to the Editor that let's one read the underlying conflict and interests that will effect climate change legislation in the US. In his letter Mr. Morris pushes for the passage of the the house bill rather than have EPA regulate CO2 emissions. I blogged about this in an earlier post. You can see it clearly here ~ Not only are the coal utilities pooping their pants over the idea of EPA regulating emissions, they are betting on the Senate watering down the already relatively weak house bill. Between the corporate monied interests stirring up the rabid right about climate change action and the lobbyists stranglehold on the Senate we are screwed!

After what we have seen the same big money interests do to the healthcare debacle, turning it from something that would help the American Public to an insurance give away, the chance of real significant climate change legislation being gutted through the senate are about the same as finding a pedophile in the catholic church!

I hope that we find a real solution to our problems, but I think this is what it must have been like in Rome around 300 AD. The empire is collapsing and we can't see it through our wine soaked togas and heavy money bags.

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