12 November 2009

Message from Greenbuild

As usual I am both inspired, excited and depressed from the Greenbuild experience. I sat in on some very exciting classes about some truly wonderful initiatives from greening our schools to sustainable large scale development to to net zero building retrofit strategies. I talked to people from all around the country and the world who are doing really good work.

I also realize how far we have to go in both southwestern Virginia and the US as a whole. This evening the 26,000 attendees were greeted by Al Gore. He gave an impassioned plea for us to get active to push the politicians to have the political will to make the necessary regulatory changes to make this country move on a sustainable path. He listed the same reasons i have, climate change, energy independence and economic growth.

As I sat there a tear actually came to my eye as I thought about the chances of the kind of significant action it would take by the politicians to make the type changes we really need. As I watch the "debates" on health care and cap and trade, and see that Rick Boucher voted against the heath care bill and was instrumental in giving the Coal industry a 10 year free pass in Markey Waxman and see that Tom Periello voted for the Stupak amendment, I realize that these "democrats" don't have the courage to do the right thing for these small, no brainer bills, they definitely wont have the spine for meaningful regulatory reform.

When Al Gore quoted Omar Bradley tonight is was very poignant. Regarding the long term financial commitment to the Marshall Plan he said that it is we should "Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship." We need to take this advice now!

I am hopeful that we have seen the future of the right wing in the defeat in New York 23, but am concerned that the American People, who have never been good at voting for their long term interests, will succumb to the hate mongering, lie spewing conservatives that wouldn't believe the truth if their own Mother's told them, and we may lose seats in 2010. We really need to start a NO GOODLATTE in 2010 campaign now, then we can work on Boucher!

More later, sniff, sniff, Ciao!

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