21 December 2009

We Must Seize the Energy Opportunity or Slip Further Behind

I recently came across an article that laid out many of the arguments I have been putting forward about the United States lack of vision regarding investment in the "New Economy". I found it to be very succinct. Here is an excerpt:

we lag behind most of our competitors in the rest of the world in a four key ways.

We have no national energy portfolio standard that encourages clean, renewable power and shifts away from dirty and dangerous energy.
We have an outdated electrical grid unsuited for the task of carrying energy from regions rich in wind, solar, and geothermal potential to the people who need the energy.
We don’t make dirty energy companies pay for the pollution they pump into the air; in fact, we give them billions every year in tax breaks.
And we don’t invest enough in research, development, and deployment to inspire our entrepreneurs and leverage their discoveries by helping bring their bold new technologies to market.

Green portions of stimulus as percent of 2008 GDPUnited States lags other large developed nations in wind power capacity
Annual solar cell production

For the entire article click here.

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