23 March 2010

Evatran Starts Field Trial of 'Hands-free' Electric Car Recharging

Wytheville, VA -- Evatran, LLC, the makers of the world’s first “hands-free” proximity charging system for electric vehicles and extended-range hybrids, announced today the launch of a field trial of Plugless Power™ pre-production units in and around Wytheville. Field trial participants include the Town of Wytheville, several businesses, and individuals, each of whom will be driving electric vehicles on a regular basis and supplying Evatran with feedback on the Plugless Power™ system. The electric vehicles, including three Wheego Whips, a Current from Electric City Motors and one ZENN, will be delivered in March, with Plugless Power prototype systems installed after an initial acclimation period.

According to Rebecca Hough, co-founder and director of sales and marketing for Evatran, “We recognize that convenient charging of electric vehicles is essential to their volume acceptance. We invite drivers to see for themselves how our proximity charging system can make EV ownership more convenient and enjoyable. We’re thrilled to be working with town officials, local leaders, and the owners of Trinkle Mansion, Counts Pharmacy and Smokey’s BBQ to make Wytheville the first locale in the country to offer Plugless Power™ to drivers of electric cars.” Hough adds, “MTC Transformers, our parent company, has been a leader in the Virginia business community for 20 years. We are continuing in this tradition by inviting other Virginia businesses to make our community a model for convenient EV charging.” Following the field trial, Evatran plans to extend its Field Trial program to other parts of the U.S.

The Plugless Power™ charging system will be ready for full-scale production by late Fall 2010. For details on the program and driver testimonials, visit www.evatran.com.

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