11 August 2010

New Republican Contract For America

Back in 1994 the Republican Party announced a "Contract for America" that laid out their plans if they were elected. The American people fell for this proposed contract and the Republicans were able to seize control of Congress. Sadly, the Republican policies were enacted and, after the election of George Bush, accelerated. And the effects on this country was disastrous.

Now in 2010 the Republicans want to take control of Congress again. But this time they are not announcing what they want to do. They are just trying to demonize the Democrats and their efforts to pull the country out of the recession caused by the Republican policies. This is because the Republicans have no new policies or "contract" to divulge. They are still clinging to the failed Republican/Bush policies of the past.

The Republicans know the American people do not want a return to the Bush policies of the past. That's why they are basing their hopes on slandering Democratic initiatives and hiding their own ideas (which would be great for the richest Americans and terrible for everyone else). But the Democrats are not going to let them get away with that. They have taken the policies the Republicans would like to enact and put them in the form of a new Republican contract. Here is that contract:


1. Repeal the Affordable Care Act (Health Insurance Reform)
2. Privatize Social Security (or phase it out altogether)
3. End Medicare as it presently exists
4. Extend Bush tax cuts for the rich
5. Repeal Wall Street Reform
6. Protect those responsible for Gulf oil spill (and future disasters)
7. Abolish the Department of Education
8. Abolish the Department of Energy
9. Abolish the Environmental Protection Agency
10. Repeal the 17th Amendment (providing direct election of senators)

All of the above have been proposed by the teabagger wing of the Republican Party and endorsed by at least some elected Republican officials. If you would like to see these insane proposals actually enacted, then you should vote Republican in November. But if you are smart enough to know that these things are protecting ordinary Americans from the greedy rich and corporations and must be protected, then you should vote Democratic this Fall.

Don't fall for the Republican lies and slanders. Don't let them take America backwards to the failed policies of the past.

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  1. Wow and the Great Society/New Deal agenda has done wonders for our country.

    Repealing the 17th Amendment is not, I repeat, not a Republican ideal. It is rightly a libertarian ideal, which some on the Republican side are now waking up to and understand.

    The founders did not intend for the Senate to be elected by the population because a senator doesn't represent the people, but the state. The House is the body that represents the people. By returning to the framers intent we re-establish limited government; something almost every ideology in this country should embrace.


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