30 November 2010

More on Mycobond

You can now trust mushrooms for the safety of your goods or fragile objects as these miraculous plants expose yet another fabulous facet of their personality. Mushrooms are known for their efficient absorption properties when it comes to BDP, but now they will save the unnecessary wastage of paper in the packaging industry. Ecovative Design has devised these special mushrooms which can be used for packaging and spares the unnecessary use of paper.

This low-energy material is called Mycobond and it is heat resistant and fire resistant and this feature upstages it over paper wraps. These Mycobond covers are not only tough but are also cushy enough to provided sufficient protection to your fragile goods. Mycobond is discovered and developed by two Rensselaer Polytechnic University graduation students and National Science Foundation (NSF) assisted them in doing so.

It is an excellent substitute for the traditional form of foam packing and at the same time it is easily biodegradable. If Mycobond catches up with people then the other forms of electronics packing and insulation packing will come to an end!

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