21 January 2011

A LED Lamp for the Two Billion with No Electricity

A number of companies are thinking about how to provide lighting to the two billion people on the planet who still have no electricity to read at night or do homework. Solar power and LED could be the answer.

In the third world, people rely on kerosene lamps and heavy fuel for lighting at night, but it damages the health of people breathing it, and is increasingly expensive, and is a greenhouse gas problem.Here’s one that can be hung up at night to provide light, and can be left out during the day to soak up the sun’s rays on its four solar panels.

The Nokero (from “no kerosene”) light has four small solar panels and is about the size of a light bulb, and provides four hours of light after dark. It has a circuit to prevent it from turning on in the daytime. It’s durable and rain can’t damage it.
It sells for about $15 for one, $10 for 48 or more, and they hope to get it down to $6 once they can make thousands at a time for NGOs and other non-profits to distribute throughout the third world.

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