04 March 2011

RESNET Enters Into Strategic Partnership with the Passive House Institute US

RESNET and the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) have entered into an agreement that synchronizes standards, modeling, quality assurance and quality control for low energy homes and buildings.

The agreement provides for:

PHIUS to become an affiliate member of RESNET
PHIUS will adopt the RESNET HERS Index – the minimum requirement for this would be that PHIUS would use the RESNET HERS Index as a template to assign an Index Score to its certified buildings.
PHIUS will adopt rating standards and procedures that harmonize with the RESNET provisions for Certified Passive House Project certification, quality assurance, codes of ethics and standards of practice
PHIUS will work with RESNET in adopting a uniform calculation of carbon savings from improving a building’s energy performance.
PHIUS is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization working to further the implementation of Passive House standards and techniques nationwide by:

Constructing, measuring, and verifying performance of Passive Houses in all US climate zones
Conducting nationwide training and certification of Passive House Consultants
Contributing to the development of minimized mechanical systems for heating, cooling, and dehumidification
Creating design guidelines for Passive Houses in all climate zones
PHIUS has been authorized by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany as the official certifier of passive houses in the U.S. For more information click on Passive House Institute US Passivahus is a growing movement in Europe and recognized by such organizations as the International Energy Agency,

Steve Baden, Executive Director of RESNET commented on the agreement, “This is an important agreement for both organizations, and promises to help the building industry meet the fast-growing need for low energy building design, testing and modeling.”

“We’ve seen awareness and acceptance of the Passive House Building and Energy Standard grow dramatically in the United States. By harmonizing standards with RESNET—one of the most respected standards organizations in the country—we expect Passive House to vault into the mainstream, where it belongs,” said Katrin Klingenberg, founder and Executive Director of PHIUS.

For more information about PHIUS and how the agreement with RESNET affects quality assurance and quality control for the Passive House building energy standard, email your questions and contact information to: info@passivehouse.us.

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