02 June 2011

International Passivhaus Conference

I am sitting in the airport waiting for my final flight on the return from the International Passivhaus Conference. I'd like to share some quick observations:

1) We (the US) are far behind in both technology and know how in a field that we lead 30 years ago - Energy efficient construction.
2) The US market has very little interest in pursuing such things and as such it will take legislation to really move it forward. alas I am afraid this is still a decade or more away.
3) Countries that understand the future markets of the world are adopting this technology aggressively. I was at the meeting last conference one year ago when the Korean delegation made the agreement for official recognition. Within the last year they have built both residential and non-residential projects, already have a Korean made PHI certified window (there are none in the US after at least three years of begging) and they are breaking ground on three apartment towers (20 stories) of Passivhaus construction, those are only the ones I know of. They have also adopted Passivhaus as the energy design system for all buildings by 2017. They know where the future is.
4) China is aggressively pursuing at least 2 large scale PH mixed use developments.
5) Even small Latvia has PH certified components being made in their country.

How long will we continue to hide our collective heads in the sand as the world embraces this century and we are longing for the 1960's. It may be time to find a more forward thinking forum for those of us that have beaten our heads against the US ignorance for so many years.

~~ Cheers - Adam


  1. Hello Adam,

    Do you happen to have a list of the products Latvia is making? I have contacts in the country and am interested in exploring some business opportunities.


  2. Go to the International Passive House Association:

    You will find a list of products


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