05 February 2012

More Klanservative “Respect” For the Constitution

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Maybe the most aggravating thing about Klanservatives these days is their utter inability to accept that other points of view exist. Like their monkey Lord, you are either with them, or you are a TURRIST. They will not accept any point of view save their own, and if someone else is elected, they hound and hound that person until he or she is gone.
We saw it back when they tried to impeach a sitting popular President. We saw it when they threatened violence unless the doctored results of the 2000 election were allowed to stand. But we’ve never seen anything like we’ve seen since one of those damn n_____s got himself elected (without tricks, unlike their monkey.) The residence of a Black man in the WHITE House has driven them plumb fucking loco.
They are now almost openly threatening the President of the United States. That this story comes from Arizona is less than no surprise, but it is far from an isolated incident. The Klanservatives have got to be exhausting the Secret Service just from trying to keep up with all of the threats.
Remember…. these are the very same people who pissed themselves when a high school kid made a poster with a tack in Chimpy’s head.

The Secret Service is investigating a picture that was posted on an Arizona police officer’s Facebook page in which an image of President Barack Obama appears to have been used for target practice.
The Peoria Police Department is also investigating Police Sgt. Patrick Shearer and a picture that was uploaded on Jan. 19 showing several young men in the desert holding various weapons (including assault rifles and a revolver) and holding up a T-shirt with President Obama’s likeness on it.
The shirt appeared riddled with bullet holes.
The picture was online while the president was visiting Arizona earlier this week, but was removed from the sergeant’s page on Thursday after inquiries were made to the Peoria Police.
“We received information about a possible policy violation today involving one of our employees,” Peoria Police spokesman Jay Davies told CBS Affiliate KPHO.
Davies said Peoria Police were contacted by the Secret Service.
The Secret Service confirmed to KPHO that it has launched an investigation surrounding the picture.
A Secret Service official confirmed to CBS News that an investigation is underway, saying, “We’re aware of the incident and we are taking the appropriate follow-up steps. We recognize that people have the right to free speech, but we also have the right to determine what someone’s intent is.
“When we get information that shows someone has an unusual direction of interest in one of our protectees we take the appropriate follow-up steps.”

Now the Klanservatives will, as they always do, claim that this was just a yuk-yuk joke, and not meant to be taken seriously.
I remember one of their other “not to be taken seriously” pictures. You could find it all over Texas, back in 1963.

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  1. Dude! I thought that was Bob Marley on the shirt.


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