09 March 2012

Congressman 'impressed' with CEED

Monday, February 27, 2012

By JOEL TURNER - Staff Writer Franklin News Post

Fifth District Congressman Robert Hurt got a first hand look last week at the Center for Energy Efficient Design at the Gereau Center.

Hurt was given a guided tour of the CEED and the Gereau Center by Kevin Bezy, the principal, and John Richardson, an environmental science teacher.
Hurt also met many of the staff members and told them that he was impressed with the school.
The CEED is the first public school building in the United States with Passivhaus technology and standards to achieve certification from the Passive House Institute U.S.
Richardson explained to the congressman the background and standards of the Passivhaus technology, which is a German term for a new trend in construction that meets new standards in energy efficiency.
"Your enthusiasm is obvious," Hurt told Richardson.
Richardson said that the cost for Passivhaus technology adds only about 5 percent to the cost of construction, but the additional cost can be recovered in 90 percent energy savings.
Richardson told Hurt that Ferrum College and Virginia Western Community College hope to send students to visit the CEED and study its technology.
The building also has a carbon footprint that reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than 70 percent over other new buildings.
CEED uses solar panels, rainwater recycling and triple-glass thermal windows, among other innovations.
Richardson also explained the operation of the CEED mechanical room to Hurt.
Hurt also toured the Media Design Studio at the Gereau Center and sat with students at the studio desk. He was interviewed by Gereau students for the school's daily television program.

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