01 July 2012

Structures co-founder named Best Green Designer

Adam Cohen receives award for construction innovation
ROANOKE, Va. (June 28, 2012) – Adam Cohen, co-founder of Structures Design Build, today was named Best Green Designer by the Virginia Sustainable Building Network.
Cohen was honored at the 2012 Virginia Green Innovations Award ceremony showcasing the commonwealth’s best work in energy-efficient design and construction. Cohen was recognized for his design of the Center for Energy Efficient Design, the first Passivhaus public school built in America, constructed by Structures Design Build.
Cohen is a national and international leader in Passivhaus building technology. Passivhaus is the German term for construction that meets high standards in energy efficiency. Buildings with this technology are designed to use 90 percent less energy for heating and cooling than conventional structures.
Cohen, vice chairman of the Technical Committee of Passive House Institute US, is one of only about 20 people globally certified in the technology in both Europe and North America. He speaks frequently about green building.
“It is gratifying to be recognized by a statewide organization for making advances in affordable energy-efficient building design here in our region and beyond,” Cohen said.
The Best Green Designer award was presented at the Virginia Sustainable Building Network’s 17th annual meeting held at the solar-power DuCard Vineyard in Madison County.

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