01 August 2012

From the Brilliant David Roper

About two years ago I created a web page about temperatures in Blacksburg, Roanoke and Richmond: http://www.roperld.com/science/subtropicalva.htm

The conclusions were:
·         Roanoke, Virginia in the Roanoke Valley is well on the way to being a subtropical region.

·         Blacksburg, Virginia is NOT on the verge of being a subtropical region.

·         Richmond, Virginia has been a subtropical region since about 1990.

Today I added the data for 2010 & 2011 and got the following interesting graphs:

The data plotted start at ~1960 as that is when clean-air acts started removing sulfates from the atmosphere, which had been masking (global dimming) global warming. The black lines are linear fits.

The global warming affect on Virginia temperatures is quite evident!

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