12 September 2012

If Mitt Romney wants jobs for Americans…


… he can start by re-flagging his gigantic yacht in the United States rather than in the Cayman Islands, and hiring Americans to man it rather than the Filipinos that are currently manning it.

Of course, that would go against Mitt Romney’s basic business model at Baen Capital, which was to find a business that had money in the bank and plenty of assets, buy it up using borrowed money, use the company’s assets to borrow lots of money and pay back Baen Capital’s loans to the bank, then sell off all of the company’s physical assets to Chinese companies and force the company to declare bankruptcy due to lack of assets to meet the debt burden, leaving banks on the hook for pennies on the dollar — and of course the banks simply raised their rates on *you* (lowered their interest paid on savings, raised their interest charged on loans) to make up for their losses on Baen-backed companies.

In short, Mitt Romney didn’t build it. *You* built it. Mitt Romney’s entire business plan was built around transferring wealth from your pocket into his then transferring your job to China (or the Philippines in this case). It was never about doing what was good for America and Americans — and it still isn’t. Just sayin’.

Badtux the Business Penguin

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