01 December 2012

Social Security Has A Simple And Easy Fix

The Republicans are still trying to damage Social Security. They have always hated it, and have tried many ways to get rid of it. The latest effort was an attempt to privatize it (putting the elderly at the mercy of the stock market). That didn't work, so now they are trying a different attack. They say that the program is bankrupt and cannot continue with cutting benefits and raising the retirement age. And they say the program won't be there for younger Americans when they need it.

These are all LIES! Social Security can continue to pay full benefits for another 25 years, and then continue paying over 75% of benefits even if nothing is done. And a simple adjustment, raising or eliminating the cap on FICA taxes, would make the program solvent for generations. The program is NOT bankrupt, and WILL be there when younger Americans need it.

And the best part of this simple adjustment is that almost all of the working and middle classes wouldn't have to pay any more in FICA taxes than they currently pay. All it would do is ask wealthy Americans to pay the same percentage that workers already pay (which they should be doing anyway).

Don't fall for the Republican lies. Don't let them cut benefits, raise the retirement age, or privatize Social Security. The truth is that Social Security is an excellent government program, which works exactly like it was supposed to work. It has significantly reduced the number of elderly Americans living in poverty.

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