22 February 2010

New DIY Renewable Energy Club in Roanoke

The Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Association (REEVA) is a Do-It-Yourself club to help members do solar/wind installations and build electric vehicles at project homes thus cutting the cost by removing labor.

How REEVA Began

When REEVA President, Mark Hanson, went on the Solar Home tours and spoke with renewable energy folk's the main conversation topic was, "Gee the energy (solar/wind) is free but the equipment is expensive."

A typical solar grid tie installation is $10 per watt or $50k for a standard 5kw system (without incentives). The total parts run about $5 - $6 per watt.

I was told that someone should start a club where group member's help each other to build solar/wind systems and electric cars (that charge on such systems). Thus REEVA was born where volunteers do the labor and others can see finished projects. (There are also excellent local installers, some are REEVA members who do turnkey projects for folk's who don't want to go the DIY route.)

We also promote renewable energy through legislation and local events.

To Visit the Web Site Click Here

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