19 June 2010

Palin Gets No Financial Support From Alaska

The mainstream media seems insistent on portraying Sarah Palin as a viable candidate for the 2012 campaign for the presidency. If you just read their reports, you might think Palin was a very popular person. After all, she makes six-figure amount speaking to groups around the country -- usually right-wing groups.

Palin is still the darling of the teabaggers, whose minimal understanding of politics is perfect for Palin's shallow and unworkable views. But the truth of the matter is that neither the teabaggers nor Palin have been able to get much more than 15-16% of popular backing. In every real poll or straw poll that has been conducted so far, Palin's support has been shown to be very small and in no way growing.

And even though Palin remains popular with the teabaggers, even they are not willing to fund her misadventures. She created a political action committee (PAC) that she called SarahPAC. It was supposedly to help other ultra-conservative and teabagger candidates. The PAC did fairly well initially, at least until it was know that it spent a lot of money purchasing thousands of copies of her book and paying for her travel expenses. Very little money went to the campaigns of other conservative candidates.

Now it seems that SaraPAC is having trouble getting a decent amount of donors. Although, the PAC raised about $1.4 million in 2009, it got the money from only about 2000 contributors according to the FEC (a paltry amount of contributors for any PAC). Making matters even worse, it seems that her financial support from her own home state of Alaska is almost nonexistent.

According to the FEC, only 29 Alaskans contributed to SarahPAC during the first half of 2009, and only 33 Alaskans contributed in the last half of that year. But it gets worse. In the first four months of 2010, not a single Alaskan has donated money to SarahPAC. It looks like the Alaskans know that Sarah Palin is yesterday's news and they've tired of her.

Now if we can only get the mainstream media to realize this, maybe we can finally be rid of this flash-in-the-pan. Palin will never have the support of anywhere near a majority of the American people. The American people have seen through her con game. Hopefully, the media will also someday soon.

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