30 June 2010

We've brought our woes on ourselves

Many who think President Obama cannot do anything right are the same ones who either supported or ignored the trends starting with President Reagan. Decades of making government the enemy with slick, mindless slogans has come home to roost at every level.

Down-size government, privatize, push deregulation, get government out of the way of business (because business knows best?), blather about trickle-down economics, gut government agencies and regulations responsible for safety and the public interest, repeal whistle-blower protections and call critics "un-American."

Let big business stifle productive energy innovation, amuse the public with endless gadgets, neglect long-term problems and lull the electorate with promises the wasteful good life will last forever. So, how is that working for us, especially since 2000?

We enjoy casinos disguised as banks, obscene relations between businesses and their regulators, workplace safety disasters, foreclosures, jobs exported and the worst U.S. oil spill ever, all of which threaten national security. Why is anyone with a brain surprised when agencies no longer work very well when put to the test?

Seemingly, profit trumps the public interest, long-term solutions, worker safety, a secure food supply, reasonable growth and national security every time.


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