21 June 2012

From Helen - Tell it sister!

By Helen

Margaret, only in America can a white, Christian woman grow up to marry a white, Christian man and live in a lovely home and shop at a Piggly Wiggly.  Maybe I should run for President.  Of course I would need to go back to school and get a degree from Harvard or Yale first.

Now I thought the American public was smarter than this…   Or maybe they are but the Republican base is just messing up the grading curve.  Dress him however you want, but Romney is a rich son of a bitch.  Period.  He can talk all he wants about “Only in America…” but honest to God doesn’t anyone in the Republican Party see the irony in that?  Only in America?  He should say In America Only a wealthy guy in a business suit can get the Republican nomination.   For Christ’s sake, the other guy is a black man raised by a single white woman.  He’s a Christian mulatto who gets confused for a Kenyan Muslim. Now there’s your Only in America story.  And evidently only in the Democratic Party as well.

I don’t have issues with a poor man becoming wealthy any more than I do with a wealthy man becoming President.  But is that all you’ve got?  Mitt’s father’s family was temporarily poor during the depression?  Get in line. His Dad had a pet pony named Monty.   Wow.  Life was real a pile of shit for that guy.  Who names their pony Monty?

Mitt Romney is George Bush all over again. Wealthy kid of a wealthy politician who has no earthly idea what it means to make the money stretch from one paycheck to another…  Only in America my ass.  Only in the Republican Party is more like it:

Only in the Republican Party can a college dropout, married four times with no children call women sluts for using birth control. Maybe the addiction to Oxycontin made Rush sterile?

Only in the Republican Party can a blonde with big feet claim the widows of the 9/11 attacks “enjoyed their husbands’ deaths” and then go on to be a NY Times best-selling author and conservative analyst for Fox News.

Only in the Republican Party can an idiot from Alaska run for Vice President on a platform of abstinence only while keeping an early pregnancy test strip in her purse for when the kids want an after school snack.

Only in the Republican Party can Newt Gingrich, divorced twice (cheated thrice?),  give stump speeches about the sanctity of marriage.

Only in the Republican Party can John Boehner and Donald Trump get their skin that orange.

And only in the Republican Party can Mitt Romney claim to be an example of the American Dream. Of course, in this case the dream is that a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, liberal governor from Massachusetts grew up to become the conservative nominee for the Republican Party.

Honey, I’m not scared of Romney.  I’m scared of the idiots who vote for him.  I mean it. Really.

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