04 June 2012

Rushpubliscum Economic Magic: 2012 as 2008, as 1929

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The Rushpubliscums have no idea for the economy in 2012 that they didn’t have in 2008: slash taxes on the wealthy, make offshoring jobs easier, and allow things like pollution of the air and water. Their sudden belief in budget-balancing added a new twist, as millions more Americans became unemployed and prevented any kind of a meaningful economic recovery.
Don’t kid yourself: this was all deliberate. But that isn’t why the May numbers were so dismal.
The May numbers were dismal for the same reason they’ve been dismal countless times in the past-namely, the price of gasoline. The people wetting themselves over this one report are extremely shortsighted. They’d have done much better to wring their hands over the deliberate Rushpubliscum destruction of the economy, but for some reason, that got overshadowed by all the deffy-cit talk in the MSM. Gosh, I wonder WHY?!?
The Republican Depression never ended, and has not ended. It will not end until the Rushpubliscums are relegated to the sidelines. That isn’t to say that the dems are much better, but you fight the fire in the kitchen before you put out the embers in the trash pit out back. The dems, at the very least, can be persuaded to do something to SAVE a few jobs.
That simply isn’t going to happen as long as the Rushpubliscums have a way to prevent it.
As I said, this is a harsh indictment of Rushpubliscum destruction-as-politics, more than anything else. But the price of refined oil products, as we will see in the next couple of months, has more to do with this particular number than anything else.
Now would be a wonderful time to actually debate the root of the economic slumps here and in Europe, which happens to be greed-driven austerity. In spite of austerity having been tried, and failed, countless times, for some reason or other people send politicians back to fail at it, time and time again. I wish that someone here would mention how devastating austerity has been to the economies of the world, but the only guy who has even gotten close to admitting it is Willard.
How scary is that?

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