12 September 2009

China ready to introduce large feed in tariff.

For those folks who make the spurious claims that we cannot make a commitment to climate change legislation because of the developing world's use of fossil fuels, here is a real kick in the teeth. China, a large developing country that uses alot of coal has made a commitment to sustainable energy and put their money where their mouths are. They are going for a goal of 20% sustainable generation by 2020. To move this forward they are getting ready to introduce a feed in tariff of likely between 1.09 and 1.5 yuan ($0.16-0.22) per kilowatt-hour of electricity. This is significant because this will be one of the highest paying feed in tariffs in the world and will spur economic innovations.

I don't think the folks here in the US realize how fast we are being outpaced by the rest of the world. How far back we will we be when (and if) we wake up?

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