05 September 2009

Depressing State of Affairs

In the past week I have had a chance to talk personally with both Tom Periello and Bob Goodlatte. I posed the same question to both.

I said, "I am a small business man with fifteen employees that provides health care to our employees. We have faced double digit inflation consistently in costs and I am forced to argue with insurance bureaucrats for services that should be covered."

I asked' "Is it possible or will you sit down with the reasonable people in the other party and truly work to come to a statesman like compromise on the reform of our insurance system to help those of us struggling with the system."

I was told by both Goodlatte and Periello that the chance of any real workable significant legislation to change heath care was doubtful. Goodlatte and Periello both said that the congress was to polarized to make any grand compromises. Periello said that the best he thought we could get was a symbolic change or an very incremental one.

What a depressing state of affairs!

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