06 September 2009

Good News Virginia there is a Solar Clause

It seems that the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy has been successful in obtaining 15 million dollars in stimulus funds to supplement individual and commercial sustainable energy. They expect the rebates to be around $2,000 per kilowatt up to 5 kilowatts for PV, $1,500 per kilowatt for wind up to 5 kilowatts and $1,000 for solar thermal. The rebates will be retroactive to June 26, 2009. This is all in the planning phase and I am waiting for confirmation from the DMME on this. i have talked to the head of the program and he says that they have 4 people to administer almost 90 million in grants, so the program roll out has been a challenge, as has getting answers from both the feds and state on vexing issues such as if the rebates are taxable (magic eight ball says "most likely") and state recapture of delinquent accounts. There has also been alot of issues due to the fact that because of Virginia's inattention to alternative energy, there are very few qualified installers in the state and they are trying to avoid a bunch of johnny come lately's try to install these systems.

The particulars of the program have not been announced, but I will keep in contact with DMME and be updating as information becomes available.

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  1. This is a significant incentive for PV on small scale projects. The retroactive clause prevents this from bringing solar installations to a stand-still while people wait for the incentives. We have two customers who qualify for these funds. Bernie Stanley
    Shockoe Solar


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