02 August 2009

The Crux of the Problem

After several weeks of research I have been able to put this graph together that illustrates very simply where we were, where we are and where we are going. I based the information on publicly available information from sources such as the International Energy Agency and took into account hydrocarbons (gas, oil, coal), nuclear, biomass, renewables (solar, wind), hydro. Please do not quibble with the exact details, because it is with the trends that we are concerned. As is demonstrated by the graph we are very quickly approaching a time when our demand for total primary energy will outstrip supply. It is not just peak oil, it is peak energy and this goes back to the elephant in the room, OVERPOPULATION. Lester Brown has been talking about this for decades and soon we will have no choice but to pay attention! That is why people everywhere need to think globally and act locally. Now is the time for bold action! Be part of the solution, do your research and start helping!


  1. Does this mean I have to learn geography? I really find your blog helpful!


  2. I have been too busy learning THERM to write much lately, so I thank you for doing this. Last time I tried it was a long time ago: earthday 2005, when I tried a vaguely similar thing. What do I "know" well enough that I can document it using primary source data, and what actionable conclusions can I draw from it, within 24 hours. I posted it to the web immediately hoping to get my ass kicked by people who know more than I do. http://www.breskin.com/writing/what_are_the_issues.htm


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