17 August 2009

Iran Changes Fleet to LNG

Well if nothing else, Iran can serve as an example to the rest of the world in one way - Leading itself towards energy security. Unlike the US, the Iranians recognize that they are slaves to the global system of trade as long as they cannot produce what they need locally (in country). Say what you may about Ahmadinejad, he has pointed his country on a path to partial energy security. The western nations, especially the United States, need to wake up and understand that we need to have the ability to produce as much as we can locally and regionally or we will be forever either getting in bed with rotting governments that oppress their people's and make them hate us or having to send our youth to capture the energy resources we feel it is our right to have. Neither is a sustainable or practical way to move into the 21st century.

We can educate and innovate our way to a peaceful prosperous future, or we can continue on the same road we have taken for the last 100 years, trying to deperately hold onto something that will, in time, slip out of our grasp.

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  1. I find it very interesting that the author of "leading itself towards energy security" used to the last portion of the article to condem Iran for being smarter then the greedy corrupt corporate US government. More importantly, I find it encouraging that a country is working in a positive fashion to become independant of world 'status quo'. I am pulling for every country not to "fear" a fascist, imperialist bully like the united states government. Oh, we like our decadent lifestyle but it is at the expense of our own freedoms and the demise of other country's sovereignty. This is not acceptable. Go IRAN!!


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