09 August 2009

Is the U.S. on the Brink of Fascism or at the end of the Reagan Era?

Here is a very well written article talking about the very reactionary right wing I referred to in earlier posts. It is not a stretch at all to think of the country spinning out of control in the next election cycle, just as likely though is that we are seeing the end of the Reagan/Bush era. It may be that the hardcore right 20 percent of the electorate is in their last gasps . By fomenting rabid radical obstructionism, the right wing media has whipped this minority into a frenzy. My hope is that the vulnerable center of the electorate will not be cowed by their antics, but that they will see this as what it is, a desperate attempt to cling to power.

But remember the Jimmy Carter fiasco. The Reagan folks colluded with the Ayatollahs in Iran to hold the American hostages until after the election and release them on inauguration day. The same group that colluded with Iran to funnel arms to counter-revolutionaries in Nicaragua after a legitimate election. Also the same group that sold weapons to Saddam Hussein and looked the other way as he became the first person to authorize chemical warfare since world war I. Also, the same group that armed and financed the nascent Al Qaeda fighters. So do not get complacent, because they have proven their willingness to use whatever means necessary to further their agenda.

It is imperative that we work to further the agenda of the current administration and try to bring the majority with us. Do not forget that Barack Obama won only 43% of the white vote in the last election. There is no guarantee that the revolution in thinking that we worked so hard to bring about can't be run right off the tracks. Remember how the Republicans pushed Bill Clinton around in 1994 and then tried to run him off the rails because of a sexual liaison. Do not get complacent. Do not think we are any where near the end of this. We must help pull this country out of the backward thinking of the reactionary right. Although healthy debate and compromise is the essence of a strong democracy, what we are seeing is a wholesale resistance of the majority of Republicans to any kind of rational debate and compromise.

There is nothing that the right wing would relish as much as a terrorist attack on the US or the collapse of a "friendly" Arab government. So get out there and contact you senator and congressman on behalf of the administration. Do not let the goon squads of the small right wing reactionaries win the day. Be prepared to be louder, more sane and more numerous than the brownshirts of the right or we may find the article i cited above more prescient than I would like to admit.

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