13 August 2009

Some thoughts about transition planning

There are many organizations and small groups all over Katuah that are tackling different aspects of transition. There are groups and individuals already working on:
  • organic gardening
  • urban gardening
  • permaculture
  • mass transportation
  • shared group transportation
  • local bicycle exchanges
  • sustainable construction
  • biomass gasification
  • trash recycling and gasification
  • bio diesel
  • local power generation
  • local commerce
  • earth integrated education
  • youth training in sustainable industry
  • Eco tourism
  • ecovillage planning and construction
  • clothing recycling
  • sustainable industry coalitions
  • co generation facilities
  • integrated farm waste management
  • artful living
  • sustainable health services
and many many more. What i think we need is have a core to help facilitate the assessment of existing groups and work with them for a comprehensive vision for a sustainable future. This will not be a guiding group, but rather a facilitation group to put the various and separate movements and groups in touch to allow synergies to emerge. Katuah could potentially lead the nation in a comprehensive strategy to transition past peak oil.

I am not sure how to make contact with folk interested in this (I am just a dumb builder), so please if you know someone who may be interested in adding there voice and activities to list of local resources, pass this blog along to them and hopefully they will contact me.


  1. I wonder if one thing would be to get urban and suburbian zoning officials to perhaps start small...example: being more leniante or requiring that people let their grass grow taller instead of over or excessive mowing. This would result in less oil being used as a whole, then ask longer clippings could be re-used in composting operations....

    what do you think?


  2. Anything that moves municipalities to start to recognize the benefits of sustainable practices like composting will help ~


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