25 August 2009

Why it is so difficult to make headway in the US.

Recently there was a poll done among many countries, first, second and third world that asked folks to rate climate change as a priority that their governments should address on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "ignore it" and 10 being "ahhh!!!!!! do something now ahhh!!!!!!!!"

Not surprisingly for those of us in the US, the Americans polled gave an average response of 4.71 on the scale. It was the lowest of all countries polled!

What that tells me is two things;
FIRST: The climate change denial movement is succeeding in clouding the issue. Just as there is no link between smoking tobacco and lung disease and the Holocaust never happened and Obama will kill your grandmother, the more wrong and twisted you are the louder you scream and Voila, more and more ignorant and passive American non-thinkers will have questions. (Current health care "debate" (debacle) being a great example).
SECOND: We need to get louder and more determined than the opposition. Also, in the very near future, there will be some natural disasters of some sort that will affect Americans so at least they may listen.

We have become a lazy and fatted people living on the resources of the body of the planet and one way or another we will change.

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